Depression and self-acceptance

Get ready for a long one today. I've been struggling today, as my madness takes the form of depression once again. Despite having accomplished a big task this morning (which I felt proud of for about a minute and a half), I began to feel negatively about myself. I did some more cleaning in the … Continue reading Depression and self-acceptance

A paranoid outing

My madness. It's skipping around in my brain, pulling wires, giggling about "wonder what this does?", as it tugs harder on said wires. That's the kind of day it is. My husband and I went out to take care of some shopping and whatnot on his day off. I dutifully dressed myself, fixed my hair, … Continue reading A paranoid outing

Bipolar Disorder, a homecoming

I was about 15 or 16 years old. I sat in my therapist's office one afternoon, after school had been let out. On her rather boring, yet comfortable couch, I sat with my hands clasped together in my lap, fingers interlaced. My usual position, when speaking with her. Jittery nervousness was dancing in my body … Continue reading Bipolar Disorder, a homecoming

Today, I am grateful, and a story of my plant obsession

Today I am grateful. For my life, my home situation, my loving relationships, my plant babies, my fur children, and this wonderful mood I'm in. Today, I'm happy, content, feeling good. So far, so good! The days are seeming to improve since Monday, which was a rather shit day. I feel more at peace, content … Continue reading Today, I am grateful, and a story of my plant obsession

Realizing mood disturbance

Having little to no recollection of my past astounds me at times. My husband remembers far more about what I was like in the past than I do. We have been married for almost seven years now. He has a great memory, and apparently I do not. It's like whole blocks and aspects of my … Continue reading Realizing mood disturbance