Decreasing my writing

I haven’t blogged in several days due to busyness and some other factors. I’ve had a lot going on in life – things I’m very interested in focusing my time and energy on. I enjoy blogging, but with all of these other things that are taking center stage in my life… I’m going to be decreasing the amount of time I spend writing. Another big factor in this is blogging has impeded quite a bit on my journal writing, which is a cherished activity in my life. Once I’m done with a blog post I generally don’t feel much like journaling, and this has affected me quite a bit. I’m also interested in thinking of some other kinds of content, and I’ll need some time to think on that. I’d love to keep my blog on the topic of mental illness and health, since those are a huge part of my life.

I’ll still be around to read, like, and comment on other blogs of course. For now I want to take it easy on writing in my blog and see how it goes.

Much love,


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