It’s a rather good day

I’m glad that my husband has the day off today. I needed a day with him, just chillin’. We haven’t done much, but it’s nice having him home. I’ve only been looking forward to his day off since Friday last week. This isn’t a super exciting post or anything, just my day so far.

I’ve been doing my chores, here and there, and working a bit in my shop. I had a couple of orders from friends that I needed to package up and prepare for shipment. Later on today I’ll be demolding two coaster sets I poured yesterday. My green alcohol ink arrived yesterday instead of today, so naturally I wanted to try them out. I tried the one labeled “mojito” and it is pretty much the perfect green. I am pleased. I want to try out the other two shades as well, and I might do that soon. One of the sets I made yesterday will go to the wonderful woman who delivers meals to my grandma. The leftover set will get listed in my shop. I think I’m going to love these results. I also have some more custom orders from my mom that I will need to craft at some point. It is overwhelming to think of everything that I’ll be needing to make for holiday gifts, but I will be able to do it.

I have already done some flow arts today, and I did yesterday as well. It has been feeling so good lately practicing with my new hoop and fans. My flow arts truly bring me joy, and I’m passionate about them – even if I’m not the greatest flow artist out there. I had to laugh at myself this morning when I found myself gazing longingly at new hoops and fans online. As if I didn’t just recently get brand new ones. Fact is I will always want new hoops and fans to flow with. I don’t need them, but I need them. I think a part of wanting to buy more hoops is I am hoping to become a brand ambassador, and I want to be able to show off this company’s products. I have one hoop and one set of fans from The Spinsterz, and I want to collect more to support their business as well as show I’m super interested in being an ambassador. They will be checking the applications next month…fingers crossed!

I have my last intro to belly dance class this evening. I’ve enjoyed the class and learning how to move my body in new ways. I am not sure if I want to take more classes in the future. I have a lot on my plate these days, and I’m finding that I’m not practicing the things I’ve learned in class very often. I do enjoy it a lot, but I don’t feel like my heart is in it. It has been fun, for sure. I still have a few lunchtime classes left, so I’ll still be belly dancing for a few more weeks after my intro class has ended.

I’ve been gaming again lately, and I’m loving being back into it. I started playing Ark again with a few people in my gaming clan and a few others. I’m having a great time. I started using my Switch again as well, to play Pokemon. I’m looking into playing Animal Crossing as well, but that game is still $59.99, and I’m not sure if that’s what I want to spend my money on right now since I’m already playing two games. I have felt for a long time that I am just not a gamer. I have a bunch of games, for PC and Switch, that I don’t play much. My brain has clashed with itself often on the matter, going back and forth between I am a gamer and I’m not a “real” gamer. I’ve discovered my style of gaming, finally, so I think I will probably stick to gaming now. I enjoy sandbox games, mostly single player. Playing with randoms kinda sucks in my opinion, and I don’t really enjoy super intense shooter games and all that. My anxiety is high enough as it is, I don’t really need more intensity and rando’s in the mix. So I’m glad I’m gaming again.

Hope y’all are having a good day.


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