A nice evening, but meh

It’s a nice evening outside, not too hot and muggy, but I probably won’t go out and do any flow arts today. I have the desire to play with my hoop and my silk fans, but I can’t get my body to desire it enough to actually do it. I’m stuck in that endless loop again today – kinda bored but no drive to do much, exhausted, and time is just inching by.

I’m not necessarily depressed, but overall very ‘meh’ and kind of sad. I’ve accomplished basic chores today, which is good. I am taking a slow day, since this last week has been super busy. If only the things I actually am doing today would fill the time better, I would probably feel less meh and cranky. The last couple of days have been like this, where time is just so damn slow. It annoys me. Plus I always feel a little crappy when I can’t get myself into flow arts on a given day.

Hope you all have had a good day.


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