Shop update and new silk fans

Yesterday was a very productive day, and I honestly did way too much. It was my husband’s weekly double shift, and I was determined to get things marked off my to-do list. And wow, did I ever. I didn’t even get my usual nap in yesterday because I was so busy. I thought I would have slept a lot better last night than I did, but eh oh well. The day included Etsy shop updates, a decent amount of chores, a belly dance class, flow arts, video games, and more.

Yesterday I got all of my new items listed in my Etsy shop…all twenty six of them. It was quite a bit of work, but I wanted it done and I’m glad I accomplished that goal. I have sold a couple of things so far, and I’m hoping to sell more soon because my account needs it haha. I’m planning on making more coaster sets and focusing my attention on those for a bit. I love making jewelry, that is where my passion is. However, I do have a ton of pendants for sale – specifically 99% of my shop is jewelry for sale. I have one rainbow coaster set left. I have done so much work this past week on my shop stuff – probably about eight to ten hours worth – and I think I need a day or two to take a breather. Taking a weekend is always a good idea. I’ll be getting my new alcohol ink in the mail by Tuesday next week, three different shades of green. I’m looking forward to that.

My mom had the idea today that I should ditch my separate shop page on Facebook and to just post my shop item on my main page. I don’t post on Facebook much in general, so it won’t super clog up anyone’s feed with my shop updates. Plus, my mom basically said that I should take up space. She’s my biggest fan! That is one less social media page to pay attention to, so that’s nice. I was hardly getting any traffic on that page anyways, so it was a waste of time to deal with it. It was a lot of work keeping up with my shop, two Instagram accounts (my business and personal account), my personal Facebook page, and on top of that another Facebook page for my shop. Whew. It was more than a lot to deal with. I feel better already having deleted it.

My new silk fans came in the mail early! So in love!

I got the happy surprise today of getting my new silk fans in the mail today. They were supposed to arrive Monday, but of course I’m glad they are here early. I’m excited to flow with them later, when it’s not super hot and muggy outside. These fans are from a different company than my first set, these are from Moodhoops which is a flow arts company I adore.

I applied to be a brand ambassador for one of my favorite flow arts companies, The Spinsterz. I’m excited for the opportunity! I probably won’t hear a yes or no for a while, since they go through their applications once every two or three months. I imagine they get a lot of interested flow artists. I must say, I feel super special and cool that they followed my personal page on Instagram. I probably squealed out loud when I got their follow notification. It makes me want to post more flow videos and pictures, for sure. Who knows? Being a brand ambassador might happen.

My paranoia has been alright the last couple of days. Yesterday I took my camera out to my backyard and played around with recording my hoop dancing and fan flow. It helps having my camera to focus my attention on, as opposed to the always present and nebulous hidden cameras in my backyard. You know the ones – my paranoia loves to tell me about them and cook up other thoughts and emotions in my brain as well. I’m finding myself more and more comfortable in front of my camera. I still get super nervous when other people are watching directly in front of me – especially my husband, because I want to impress my favorite guy of course. I’ll always want to impress him.

Hope you are all having a good one.


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