Average day and passions

I’m having a rather slow, normal day. It is nice. I have things I need to do in my shop, a few other chores, and some dance practice. Admittedly there is probably one bigger chore I will skip – cleaning our showers – because it’s damn hot and muggy on this summer day. Heat and humidity tend to sap the energy right out of me. Even though I took a long and lovely nap, I am still struggling to find energy and motivation to get things done.

My husband left for work earlier and I immediately laid down to nap. I had some great sleep last night, but found it difficult to get myself upright when my alarm woke me. I yawned and stretched throughout the morning and early afternoon; I knew it was going to have to be nap time soon. He had his double shift yesterday, so today is his usual eight hours. He’s working late, until 10:00 tonight, which motivates me to stay up later so I can kiss and hug him goodnight. I’m sure I’ll find the will to get things done a little later. For now, it’s chill.

My mom bought my last listed coaster set and a lovely gold and yellow square pendant with a chain. She’s giving them out as gifts which makes me feel good. I am making the custom box today and will be packing it up. I am considering making my own little business cards to stick in my outgoing packages. They would be easy enough to make. Nothing super special, probably, but it would still be neat. My mom also (so awesomely) bought me some more silicone molds for my projects. Once I get them in the mail, I will be able to craft two coaster sets in one sitting, plus pendants and earrings. She bought me a couple of other mold sets for making earrings, and I’m very excited. I see matching earring and necklace sets in my future. Another good thing on the shop front is I found a pack of four different red alcohol inks for my products. I am super excited to have four different vibrant reds.

My husband made his first sale this afternoon from his website. He sells (through a really awesome company) prints of his macro photography. The company will print his photos on a wide variety of things, and basically, you name it and they have it. Then the company takes care of packing and shipping to the customer. They get a percentage commission of my husband’s sale, but it’s a fair price. My mom bought a print, and I believe she wanted postcards. I am excited to see which one she picked. I am also very proud of this man I call mine.

Yesterday marked my third day of silk fan flow. I ended up taking a short video of myself and posted it on social media. Shockingly enough to me, I only had to take one video without seriously f’ing up. It was about a minute and a half of the various fan flow moves I know. Normally with my hoop dance videos I have to take several videos because I mess up so much – dropping my hoop, sending it flying in the wrong direction, whacking myself in the head/face…you know the drill. With silk fans I feel like they are just an extension of my body, which I believe helps my confidence level and my ability to just flow. I already have my eyes set on another set of fans…they are black and deep red, sort of mottled or splattered. I can’t wait to have the gorgeousness!

It is interesting to me how fairly natural my silk fans feel to me, after just three days of flowing with them. I have been hooping for about one year, and the hoop still doesn’t feel like an extension of me. I love that it is still challenging and difficult at times. I am not super talented with my hoop, but I can still do cool stuff and enjoy myself. I’m guessing that hooping might always be challenging for me, but maybe I’ll get quite good with my fans. There is a debate among flow artists that it all comes down to time, patience, practice, and persistence; not necessarily talent. I believe it’s a bit of both. We are naturally good at certain things, and with practice we can be great at them. Also, it’s important to recognize that there is a major element of hard work.

Today, I feel pretty good. Mostly calm, a little irritable, not super depressed. It is a chill day. I feel passionately about my chosen flow arts.

What passions do you have in life?

Stay insane, friends


5 thoughts on “Average day and passions

  1. Love the pics Austinhas on his site. Maybe a little advertising of his website on your FB & Instagram with a couple cool pics & a link. I already have another gift idea in mind with his pics but on a coffee mug!
    Love the business card idea! It adds that personal touch.
    So proud of you both!

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