Stress, flow, and a new doctor

I have been on and off blogging for the last few days. I’ve been exhausted from stress and anxiety, especially from my kitty getting sick. I’m happy to announce that he is pretty much back to his old self! Veterinarians can be miracle workers.

High amounts of stress tend to stick around with me for a few days after the initial stressor(s). I’m glad my husband was off work yesterday when I was super tired and cranky. He helps. We both kept a watch on our cat to make sure he was feeling alright.

Later on in the day my husband and I went out in our backyard to get some fresh air. By the evening it was only about 80 degrees, and the sun was setting behind the thick brush and trees – so it was rather nice outside. He sat in a lawn chair and relaxed. He was also quite stressed about our poor kitty being sick. I took my new silk fans and hoop out with me and played around for about a half an hour.

I did a dumb thing and played with my brand new hoop on the gravel/rocks. I drop my hoop more often than I like to admit (but it’s an opportunity to laugh at myself too), so playing on the rocks was not the best idea. Yes I dropped my hoop and yes I got a few small-ish scratches on one of the sections. Bummer! I moved to hooping on the grass immediately after that. My husband snapped some pictures of me playing with my fans. I realized long after the fact that my t-shirt was the link between my fans and my body. Like this:

Me flowing with my new fans

It’s hard to see from this photo, but I have a black and grey leopard print tattoo on the left side which extends up to my left shoulder. My shirt is also leopard print, but a rainbow leopard print. Obviously my fans are a gorgeous vibrant rainbow. It is kind of neat symbolism (if you believe in that sort of thing) that in a way I was already connecting my body to my fans.

I enjoy flowing with them already. I have issues holding them open because they are so much larger than my hands, but I will get used to it soon enough. I only know a few moves right now, and I’m excited to learn a lot more.

I have good news. I got an appointment set up to see a psychiatrist, and I’m looking forward to it. The appointment isn’t until late September, but that will be ok. I’m just glad the office could get me in to see someone at all, even if it is two months out. I might call and see if I can get on their cancellation list. I’m unsure if they can do that with new patients or not. Only one way to find out. The medical assistant told me what to do if I am running out of my medications before my appointment with the doctor, so that’s good.

I ended up taking a dose of Klonopin this afternoon to help calm my nerves. Stress lingers. It sucks. I took a long nap afterward and now am not really motivated to finish my chores. I will finish at least some of them, but I’ll do it slowly. I haven’t taken Klonopin in a very long time – probably about a year. I’m glad I took it today, as I’m feeling better stress-wise.

Hope you are all doing well

Stay insane, friends


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