Update 7-20-2020

My day has significantly improved, I am happy to say. In retrospect, there have been several good things about today. I just had to be patient. Patience is not one of my virtues.

For one thing, the kitchen sink is fixed – for now. My father in law is going to build something to go under the sink, so that even when we have issues in the future the water won’t leak down through my ceiling. A great idea, and I hope it works well.

I then had therapy today which was great. I always have a good session with my therapist. She always has awesome insight. I felt a little better having talked several things out with her.

My husband and I took our cat to the vet this afternoon, and we got good news. The vet told us he is quite healthy overall, just seems like a very upset tummy. She took some x-rays of his stomach, to be sure there aren’t blockages. She didn’t see anything to worry about! She gave him some fluids, and a couple of injections – an anti nausea and an antacid. They sent him home with us and told us to keep an eye on him, which of course we will do. Tomorrow is my husband’s day off so we will both be able to tend to him as he needs.

Once we got home and got our little guy settled on the couch, I felt a lot better. He still isn’t feeling very well, but he’s more responsive, glad to be pet, and is purring more. We’re letting him rest, and he finally seems be getting some sleep. I feel more at ease.

Since I feel a lot more at ease, I finally felt like trying out my fans and my new hoop. I quickly found the fans challenging but in a good way, and I’m excited to learn more. My hands are on the smaller side (I’m only about 5’2″ tall, so I’m a compact person in general), so simply holding the fans in the open position is slightly difficult. The hoop is one thousand percent excellent and perfect. I feel blessed. I even went outside in the 90 degree heat and 60% humidity to try my new flow toys. Yeah I got a slight heat rash, but that has mostly gone away especially after a cold shower. That shower was like a touch of divinity, it felt so good.

Just wanted to share those updates and some positivity!

Stay insane, friends


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