A rather stressful day

I’m stressed today. I’m hoping for some good news later.

So the morning started off with the kitchen sink clogging up – again. As my in laws were trying to fix it, it began raining water through my ceiling (my husband and I live in the finished basement of their house). It rained through the ceiling and directly into my grow tent that houses my flowers, a couple of small fans, and a semi-expensive grow light. There are small holes in the top of my tent to allow you to put duct fans for ventilation, and water was leaking through them. I freaked and unplugged my system immediately and ran to get towels and a couple of buckets. After I got the water cleaned up, and buckets catching remaining drips, I checked on the electrical stuff I have in my tent. Thank goodness nothing was ruined or shorted out and caught fire. Since then the sink has been successfully unclogged, so hopefully we won’t have that issue again for a while. Gave me a minor panic attack.

Also one of my fur babies is sick. My husband and I are taking him to the vet this afternoon, and we are hoping for help and good news. We love the doctors at this vet clinic, and are confident they will take care of our boy. I’ve never seen him like this before. Super lethargic, doesn’t want attention and cuddles, isn’t talkative, not purring. He started feeling ill yesterday morning. Normally when he has an upset tummy he will just barf and then be back to his old self by the afternoon. He has only deteriorated since yesterday evening. I am super stressed and worried. He’s one of my babies and I strive to take excellent care of my fur and plant children. His appointment is in a couple of hours and I’m hoping for the best. My brain usually gets into catastrophe mode when one of my babies gets sick.

I’m trying to stay positive. I know the doctors at this vet clinic are very kind and competent. I think they will be able to help my baby.

What a day to have my new flow toys arrive. I got my beautiful new sectional hula hoop and gorgeous fans in the mail, but I honestly don’t feel much like playing. I did try each of them out a bit, and so far love them. The fans are far more vibrant than I thought. The brighter the better, in my opinion. The hoop is lightweight and snappy, and so far I love the feel.

You can’t see it, but they are black with rainbow glitter
Beautiful flow fans

That’s about it for now. Hope you are all having a wonderful day.

Stay insane, friends


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