Changing med providers part two

It has been an emotional rollercoaster sort of a day, yet overall pretty good. It has been a slightly busy day again, doing chores, work in my Etsy shop, and making phone calls I would have rather not needed to make. Still a fairly decent day. My husband is off work in an hour and a half, and I’m looking forward to spending my tomorrow with him.

I called my nurse practitioner’s office earlier this morning and talked with her assistant about changing providers. You can find my long post about why I want to change med providers here. Her assistant asked me why I want to switch over to someone else, and I told him that I feel like I’m not being heard, listened to, or understood. I also mentioned that I really didn’t want to be rude, but I feel like she has become rather incompetent with my care. I didn’t want to be mean or rude, but I wanted to tell at least part of the truth. He said he completely understood me, and asked me a few more questions to get the internal referral set up. He also said that he’s going to put the referral through as soon as possible, and that hopefully they’ll be able to get me in to see someone new before my next scheduled appointment with my NP.

I didn’t expect to get a call from my NP. I definitely knew she would be told that I wish to change providers, but I didn’t expect her to call me directly. She called to apologize sincerely for upsetting me and making me uncomfortable. She said that it’s ok if I want to switch. She felt really bad. My NP returned my call today a lot faster than she ever has. It was nice of her to apologize to me and get a little closure.

She apologized for things that definitely didn’t even bother me in the slightest. She said maybe she crossed a couple of boundaries when she commented on my artwork or when she asked about my plants. I had the opportunity to help her grow as a provider by telling her the real reasons I am leaving, but I didn’t. I feel like a coward. I let her believe that she crossed a boundary that really wasn’t a boundary and really didn’t matter to me. I just couldn’t face it; couldn’t own up to it; couldn’t deal with the confrontation. She didn’t ask me specifically why I am leaving, she just assumed. She clearly had no idea how stressed out she was making me over constantly asking if I’m going to return to work (I’m disabled due to mental illness), and lots of other things. I could have told her, but at the same time I just couldn’t handle it. I hate confrontation and telling people how they wronged me. I’m sure a lot of us feel the same, or similar.

So she’s initiated the internal referral. I hope that goes through quickly. Her office, or the new office, will give me a call when they are ready to set up my new appointment. I feel the weight of this whole situation slightly lifted from me. I’ve started the process and got that ball rolling – I did something I was nervous about and almost feared doing. Here’s to hoping the transition to another provider is a quick and smooth process.

Aside from that I did some work in my shop today, after a delicious afternoon nap. I took some new photos, added them to each of my pendant listings, revamped the descriptions to make them more clear, finished a coaster set with the cork backing, and listed the coaster set. It seems like a ton of work, but it only took me about an hour or so from start to finish. I feel better about my listings now, and feel they are more accurate and detailed. I also adjusted a few other things, and am happier with it. Creating my shop has been a challenge and a lot of work, but it’s work I want to do. I love making things for others to enjoy, it’s a passion of mine. The bulk of the work has slowed quite a bit, which is nice. I’ll be getting four new colors of alcohol ink soon, and I’ll need to experiment with those! I now have plenty of pendants listed, so I’m going to stock up on my coaster sets. It’s a never-ending process of making, stocking, listing, packaging, and shipping. I love every minute of it.

I am excited to say that my new flow toys are shipping soon! I’m getting my new 8 in 1 hula hoop (which is a total of six sections in various lengths, and you combine different lengths to create different sized hoops!), plus my new rainbow silk veil fans. I have never tried veil fans before. They’re like those little fans that people use to fan themselves in hot weather, except they have a long, six foot cut of hand dyed, 100% silk veil attached to them. I am beyond excited. I’m learning a ton about veil fan flow, and I’m eager to learn. I don’t have an estimated delivery yet, but I’ll keep you all posted of course. I’ll be posting pictures when I get my new flow toys, too. They’re going to be so awesome, I can already tell. I’m wondering which might become my new favorite flow art.

Hope you all had a good day.

Stay insane, friends


9 thoughts on “Changing med providers part two

  1. I feel you are doing the right thing by switching providers. You’re needs change due to experiences or overcoming an obstacle which means your treatment needs to change also. You need to be with a provider that can sense that a change is necessary. Very awesome you spoke up! And the flow art is so fun happy to hear you’re planning to pick it up again. If it makes you happy you should do it. Even if you smack yourself in the face with your flow toy…you might just end up laughing at yourself. And who doesn’t need a little more laughter in their life?

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