High productivity yesterday, and a chill day today

There isn’t much for me to report about today as far as the happenings in my world. Sometimes, uneventful is good. The weekend has been nice, and I was seriously productive yesterday. I did a bunch of chores, played outside for about an hour, and worked on my jewelry. Today feels like more of a chill day.

I pretty much finished off the necklaces I’m planning to try and sell, last night. I stayed up a little later working on them and then cleaning up and reorganizing my craft desk. It felt good to get them all done. I have around seventeen or eighteen of them finished and about ready for pictures. I got the ball chain and attachments in the mail yesterday, and got to work on the wire wrapping in the late evening. They look pretty nice. I ordered some thin felt to attach to the backs of the pendant, but I’m not sure if I’m going to like how that looks. I’ll find out! The felt backing should arrive tomorrow. Overall I feel a lot better about the necklaces I plan to sell, since I modified them. They look much cleaner, neater, and more thought-out.

I got outside yesterday evening before I worked on my jewelry. I danced with my hoop to a station on Pandora, and it was great. I smiled and laughed at myself whenever I tried something new and inevitably sent the hoop flying. I sang along to songs I knew, and mouthed words when I felt more out of breath. I danced for about an hour and I didn’t expect to for as long as I did. Clearly I needed that time in my sacred circle. I used my favorite hoop – my custom colored polypro sectional by moodhoops. It was humid, and the clouds were rolling in. I played in the sun for as long as it was out, then I continued to move in the shade and light breeze. I had nearly forgotten how tiring hoop dance is, and I was often out of breath. It was healing and felt good for my soul.

Today I have a few things I’m doing around the house, but mostly a chill day. I’m washing our bedding and another small load of laundry. I need to do a few other chores still, but today I’m in no rush. Mood-wise I’m doing pretty good. The derealization isn’t bothering me as much these last couple of days, and this is promising. I think I’m getting used to the higher Abilify dose, and am glad for that. I’m still quite drowsy, but I can deal with that.

Nothing much else!

Stay insane, friends


2 thoughts on “High productivity yesterday, and a chill day today

  1. Uneventful sure can be good sometimes! I’m glad you’re feeling decent mood-wise. I like the way you described how you sang yesterday and then mouthed the words when out of breath. I felt like I was there. I’d love to see your jewelry someday! 🙂

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