The Botanical Gardens

Exhaustion. I’m wiped. My mood is fairly pleasant, even with throbbing headache. I got out today and did something, like, really got out for a fun trip. My husband and I went to the botanical gardens, about an hour and a half from where we live, and took a ton of pictures. In short, it was a stunning place; it was very well thought out, pristinely maintained, and above all it was gorgeous. The sun was beating down overhead and a light breeze came by now and then. A perfect day for picture taking. It was humid as all hell, but that’s just kinda how our summers are here.

I was in awe while walking around, just attempting to take in the pure magic of the landscape before me. Most of what I said involved “Wow! Just look at THAT”, and, “How pretty is THIS?!”, I was simply thrilled. Plants. Everywhere. The entire place is about plants, after all. Apparently I’ve found a new happy place. “We’re gonna need to get annual memberships, for sure.” my husband informed me.

I took so many photographs of flowers and plants. I have no idea how much of my memory card I took up out of 32 GB, especially since I shoot in RAW – the file sizes tend to be huge. In the funny way my brain works, I wonder lightly to myself how all that data doesn’t make the camera any heavier. I’m a dork; I know this to be true. My husband brought his new camera (I got his old Sony a6000, lucky me!), equipped with his macro lens. We had fun, and I loved every bit of it.

There were a couple little surprises at the gardens that I had no idea existed. There was a small butterfly enclosure, complete with netting, swinging doors, and caterpillars. I even had a butterfly land on me, and I was so excited. There was also a small bee exhibit where they had bee hives that you can safely view. You could see the inner workings of the honeycombs. Aside from flowering plants and trees, we got a couple pictures of some wildlife. We also found a gorgeous narrow trail that went into the woods, where we found a hidden brook. I loved the untamed areas of the gardens as well as the pristine beauty of the man made landscaping. I needed photos of…basically everything. There was also a gift shop with a lot of gardening tools, books, and wares. There were at least five books I wanted to claim as mine, but alas I don’t need more books at the moment.

Even though it takes an hour and a half to drive there (one way), I must say the trip was more than worth it. An adventure to a stunner of a place. The drive there ain’t half bad either, as the countryside is also quite beautiful. I for sure wish to go again. I also wish badly that we could live a lot closer to the gardens.

I’m going to need to try and get my mom here to visit during the spring-summertime. She would fall in love with the gardens. It would be a fun day, walking around, seeing the sights, having snacks at the snack bar, checking out the shop. She would love it.

We stayed for a couple of hours. It was hot out, and muggy. We were both exhausted after wandering around in the heat of the sun for two hours. It was fantastic, though, and we might need to go back on a not-so-hot day. Plus we still needed to go grocery shopping once we finished another hour and a half drive back to our town.

Overall it was a great day. My mood is beginning to dip down, quite a bit, but I think that’s mostly because of the exhaustion and blaring headache that I can’t get to quit. Also the bit of sadness at having to leave the gardens, was real. Even though I napped for a good while, and took Advil, my body and brain are telling me they are past done for today.

One of the nice things about today is I didn’t have much paranoia while being out. I had my usual fear of other humans, but aside from that I was just so enamored with the scenery. It was really nice. I didn’t have a whole lot of overwhelming anxiety, either.

Stay insane, friends


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