A day of harvesting and plant care

This has been a productive day. Not only did my husband and I harvest all of our plants (which ended up being an amazing yield), but I transplanted our clones and moved them to the large grow tent. It was a lot of work, we’re both exhausted. An early bedtime is in our future, for certain.

The day started off like most days have lately – totally and completely “meh”. This is fine with me, because being “meh” is far better than waking up with crippling depression. I didn’t have much energy to begin with, and plant care (and harvesting) all day took the rest of my spoons…and then some. I’m feeling depleted, but I’m ok. I’m looking forward to getting into bed.

Harvesting was overwhelming, but not necessarily in a bad way. It was a challenge, because we had so much to harvest. We also wanted to get the initial trimming completed today, since my husband doesn’t have another day off until Tuesday. We sat together on the floor of our living room, with some movies on in the background. It was lovely having this time with him, as we cracked jokes and made silly remarks about whatever show we vaguely payed attention to.

We took a break about halfway through the harvest. I desperately needed to lay down and nap, especially after shoving some food in my face. I passed the eff out fairly quickly, and slept soundly. My husband was going to wake me up after about a half-hour, but I was grateful to find that he let me sleep as long as I needed. I awoke naturally, it had felt amazing to rest. The only reason I got up was because I knew there was still a lot of work to be done.

We entered the grow room again, with purpose. After trimming the rest of the branches we needed, I remembered I still needed to take care of the clones. They needed transplanting (badly) as well as a good watering. Since we began our harvesting journey early in the morning, I didn’t get the chance to water them as per usual. My husband agreed to continue the trimming without me while I transplanted, and tended to, the clones.

It was quiet, and wonderful, in the grow room. Aside from the white noise of the fans and the exhaust, it was silent. Just me and my plant babies. I adore the feeling of soil on my hands, and even when it gets under my nails. The earthy scent is almost intoxicating in the way it calms me. I’m not sure how long it took me because time seemed to stand still. This was my happy place – growing and tending to plants, taking care of them, loving them – another form of meditation. I worked at a fairly moderate pace, as I was going back to the living room to help finish trimming when I was finished.

My husband walked into the grow room as soon as I was turning the water on. He looked at my work and smiled. I had done well. I already knew this, but it always feels great to know he likes what I’ve done. After I watered them thoroughly, I took a trash bag in and cleaned up after myself. I was exhausted, a little sore, and very, very dusty.

I resumed trimming the branches with my husband, and we eventually got it all finished. We hung the trimmed branches up to dry, in the grow room, and we were done at last. We definitely high-fived. We work so well together, and it’s a thing of beauty. By 4:30 PM we were finally done. We had started at around 9:15 in the morning, or so.

Doing all of this work reminds me that I still need to take it easy in life. This is why I have disability. I’m either too exhausted and fatigued to do much physical work, or my madness is overtaking me. A lot of times, it can be both of those things at once. It is always a humbling experience to reach my physical, mental, and emotional limits – or to even go beyond them, as I did today. I suspect I will need to have a rather chill day tomorrow. This needs to be ok with me. It’s tough allowing myself to rest when I need to, because of the things I used to be able to accomplish in one day. I’m learning to let go of what was, and embrace what is.

Stay insane, friends


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