Today, I am grateful, and a story of my plant obsession

Today I am grateful. For my life, my home situation, my loving relationships, my plant babies, my fur children, and this wonderful mood I’m in. Today, I’m happy, content, feeling good. So far, so good! The days are seeming to improve since Monday, which was a rather shit day. I feel more at peace, content with life, and positively grateful. Here’s my big dose of happiness today:

My mood improved almost instantly as I started caring for my plants this morning. Not only are my flowers and seedlings looking so happy, but my pot plants are looking much happier as well. Yes, I grow weed. I’m very good at it, apparently. My husband built a couple of indoor grow stations, one for clones/pre-vegetative plants, and the other for the vegetative/flowering plants. His design of the grow stations are a work of art, especially with the materials we had on hand, and function so well. We have nice LED grow lights for the flowering babies, and some good florescent bulbs for the pre-vegetative babies. I can’t remember precisely when I decided to completely take over their care. I took the entire grow operation under my wing, and the plants that were just plants beforehand became my plant babies. Yes, it is legal in my state to grow your own weed. We stay completely within the law, no questions, if’s, and’s, or but’s.

I realized that my plants had a nitrogen deficiency, pretty bad, and I thought for a long while that magnesium was the problem. Now that they have nitrogen again, they are looking much happier. I couldn’t be a more proud plant mama. Their flowers are dense, many of them requiring support because they are too heavy for their branches. They are beautiful, and smell amazing. My husband loves photographing all my plants, and especially the pot plants. Simply gorgeous, happy, girls.

Let’s be clear about something real quick. I’ve pretty much never been able to grow things. I had the blackest thumb out of anyone I knew. I could grow one type of plant, only, and that was the orchid. I became addicted and allured by the beauty and complexity of orchids, while on a high school field trip to the largest floral market I had ever seen. I wandered around, gawking at the sheer loveliness of all the flowers, and I came across a shop that was exclusively orchids. All different kinds of orchids, and this was my first time seeing such stunning varieties in person. Of course, I had seen orchids before. Mostly in places like Home Depot and various grocery stores. I instantly fell in love with their delicate, colorful, and unique blooms. Their leaves, different than a lot of other plants I had come across, often waxy, very green, thick and supple. I knew instantly that I wanted to learn about orchids and grow them myself. I was obsessed. One orchid clearly wouldn’t be enough for me. I only had enough money left to buy one orchid at the floral market. I bought a phalaenopsis, also known as the moth orchid. Soon, I had a collection of orchids, various types and colors. I had a giant book on orchids that I had read completely cover to cover, and referred back to often. When I went off to college, my mom took over the care of my orchids. I missed them for so long.

Apparently, orchids were about the only plants I could successfully grow. I tried growing many other plants over the years, even killing off some succulents. How is that even possible? Anyway, I realized rather quickly that I was good at growing weed. Looks like I could care for more complicated plants, but easier to care for plants…not so much. I learned a lot about gardening in a short amount of time. I gained real experience, and I continue to learn. Growing rapidly became like therapy for me. I decided I needed more plants to care for.

My husband took me to Lowe’s to buy seeds and pots for my new garden, and I was ecstatic. I got sweet basil, dill, oregano, parsley, and a red miniature rose bush. I experienced pure joy, for the first time in years, when my tiny basil sprouted just days after planting the seeds. My roses were continuing to bloom after I transplanted them into a larger pot. I could not believe my eyes. Was I really growing plants? I thought I had been dreaming. Eventually I decided I needed more space for my herbs and roses. With my birthday money, I bought myself a little grow tents, some lights, and fans. My plant obsession was in full swing. Of course I needed to fill my tent with more plants! That’s exactly what I did. After a little trial and error with the lighting, I needed to return the cheap ass ones I bought and buy a much better LED set up, the plants began to thrive. I felt like I could breathe again. I feel nothing but happiness while caring for my plant babies. Seeing them bloom, seeing their leaves so green and happy, just makes me feel so good about myself.

I now have a mix of wildflower seedlings, a black hollyhock, a lavender seedling, an orchid (how could I resist?), a gerbera daisy, miniature roses, sweet basil, dill, and parsley. Hopefully I will soon have some snapdragon seedlings. So far, the only ones blooming are my daisy and rose bush, and I am super excited to see the other flowers bloom.

So, there’s my dose of happy for the day. My husband is at work, but is off again tomorrow. I have a good amount of things I need to do today. I need to finish a few resin projects and get them ready to be shipped out to their new homes tomorrow. I need to do some sanding and polishing, put some cork backing on some coasters, and pack them up all pretty. I also have chores to finish around the house, as usual.

Stay insane, friends


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